Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go My Children, With My Blessing

This is beautiful Browntown Church. This is where our journey to Liberia started when several years ago, in the closing days of Liberia's recent civil war, Rev. Emile Sam-Peal spoke to a group at our church. His stories of the desperate need of refugees and war victims in his country profoundly affected everyone in the congregation. Browntown Church continues to assist humanitarian relief work in Liberia and the bond with our friends there is strong. Rev. Sam-Peal wrote this last week:
We are excited here to receive you, I know I am. I am excited for 2 reasons, one because of the training opportunities for LCM, and secondly that someone from Browntown Baptist Church is finally coming to Liberia. You all have invested so much time and resources in this country, and I am so glad that you can finally come….
Several of us who heard Rev. Sam-Peal that day were inspired to action with a focused effort to support education for orphans. Others joined that effort and LOEP became an independent non-profit organization. LOEP and Browntown Church work closey on projects related to education for orphans and church members have been incredibly supportive of the teacher training project.
Today's church service was a moving experience for me. Our pastor, Dr. Mike Normoyle, his wife and church members wrapped our teacher training team in blessings, love and kindness with beautiful prayers and dedications for us. The choir's special music was a lovely piece entitled "Go My Children, With My Blessing" which the choir director announced as a dedication to Beth, Emmalee, and Phylis as we go to Liberia. It was a lovely, loving send-off and we are powerfully blessed.

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  1. It is simply wonderful when you have support of your church family! Thanks for sharing! Gave me goose bumps. :)