Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Commitment and Focus

As the folks in New Orleans can attest, re-building from complete devastation is a daunting task that takes an extraordinary level of commitment and focus. Our Liberian partners are re-building their nation from the ground up with limited resources and LOEP exists to help that effort in a very specific way. LOEP offers assistance to our Liberian partners in their effort to "build a community of learners" within the broader national context of re-building.

LOEP also works with very limited resources. To keep focus on our purpose of providing educational support as cost-efficiently as possible, LOEP is constantly evaluating, reviewing and assessing our own programs and how our partners make use of the assistance we can offer in building their own community of learners within their institutions. Part of the 2009 training program included an evaluation process that helps us answer key questions about how institutions use LOEP training. Is LOEP training effective for teachers? Are teachers using new techniques in the classroom? Are the new concepts understood and embraced by teachers who receive training? Are LOEP-trained teachers encouraged to introduce their colleagues to new concepts and new techniques? Are school administrators engaged in the training process? Are school administrators actively supportive of new techniques and concepts in their institutions?

We work with schools whose teachers and administrators are committed to building a community of learners within their own institutions. Teacher by teacher, student by student, school by school – setting the building blocks to build a community of learners in Liberia requires focus and commitment at every level.