Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday the 13th - Doesn't mean a thing in Liberia!

It seems that one of the favorite activities we've done so far in training was the bubble lesson we did yesterday. The teachers had a blast mixing bubble solution (discussing the different ways students could measure the ingredients, mix them, etc). They enjoyed making bubbles so much that we decided to have an impromptu bubble-making competition between Phylis' group (The Chickens) and my group (The Guinea Pigs). It was quite enthusiastic!
Ms. Blango was one of the master bubble blowers. She got the hang of it right away.
Everyone likes making bubbles!

After lunch we walked over to the soccer field to watch a bit of the inter-school kickball game going on between Lott Carey and a neighboring school. It was dusty and hot as blazes, but extremely enjoyable! There were so many spectators, and people selling things, singing, yelling... it was something to just soak in all the sounds.

Back to work - we did settle down to make science lesson plans. The teachers really seem to be enjoying the small group work. They are taking advantage of these opportunities to share ideas with their colleagues.


  1. Well I guess bubble blowing must be a universal enjoyment. My son Jared absolutely loves them. I am glad to see that you made it safely. I love the pictures and I can't believe that Phylis(Grandma) was in a dress. My prayers are with all of you.
    Thank you for making a difference.
    Lindsey and Jared

  2. Hello Aunt and Em,

    We are having a blast looking at your picts and reading your blog, thank you so much for keeping us up to date, this is so awesome. I am learning to blog this is a new thing for me. I love the pictures of all the children and of Emma ring the bell, plus the ones of the food and the story of the bucket shower. This is such a great adventure,will be checking back Love remi and gina

  3. Happy Birthday Phylis, MaMa, Grandma!!! We love you