Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We're Still Working

We have watched these kids grow up over the past nine years since LOEP began collecting school supplies to send to them in their classrooms.

LOEP is a very small organization, as most of our supporters know.  There is no office, no staff, and no overhead costs.  All of our resources are spent directly on our programs.  Our fundraising plan is about as simple as it gets.  Once a year we send a letter to our friends and supporters asking for continued support.  We are always so gratified when these folks come through (and we breathe a sigh of relief that LOEP programs can continue for another year).
With much more work to be done, LOEP will be reaching out to new friends in the coming months. As we come into 2013 we expect to make better use of this blog forum to share details of our work and stories of our friends and colleagues in Liberia. Stay tuned!

Sharing LOEP
We share stories and pictures of our work with church groups, Rotary clubs, womens' organizations and others throughout the year.  The response to our presentations has been fantastic and we have made many new friends.
If your organization would like to know more about LOEP, please contact us to bring a presentation to you. We have volunteers from Atlanta to Washington, DC and also in the Midwest so we can most likely bring someone to you wherever you are!  

We are still working in Liberia and still counting on you to make a real difference for teachers and students in Liberian classrooms! 

Donations to LOEP can be made through the LOEP website or mailed directly to:  
370 Browntown Road
Browntown, VA  22610

Stay tuned here for more on what your support does in Liberia!