Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Congratulations Muriel!

Some years ago when LOEP teacher trainers conducted the first teacher workshop at Lott Carey Mission School,Muriel Craigwell was an intern assistant for the workshop facilitators. A high school student back then, Muriel showed great potential and promise for a career as an educator. She begins to fulfill that promise now. 
Last week Muriel graduated from Stella Maris Polytechnical Institute in Liberia with a Bachelor of Science in Education. A student of remarkable ability, she maintained her honors status throughout her four-year college career and graduated with honors and distinction!
Muriel is pictured here with Mrs. Rosa Allen, Principal of Instruction at Lott Carey Mission School. Mrs. Allen, herself a highly accomplished educator well-regarded in her field, has mentored Muriel since she was in high school.
Reverend Emile Sam-Peal, Superintendent of Lott Carey Mission School, is also pictured with Muriel. He has been an enthusiastic sponsor for her seeking assistance for scholarships, encouraging her further study and having her work with students at Lott Carey.
After her first intern year, Muriel was a valuable participant in all the annual LOEP workshops.
LOEP sends congratulations to Muriel. We are so proud of her accomplishments and look forward to her success as a teacher. Muriel will make a difference in the lives of her students and in the future of her nation!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Back to School!

School re-opening has been postponed until February 16 in Liberia to give schools time to  conform to new health standards that include installing Handwashing Stations and providing disease prevention measures to screen students and teachers for Ebola symptoms.  In addition, schools are required to institute disease prevention and health curriculums geared to Ebola prevention.  Many schools, closed for months and without revenue during the closure, are struggling to meet the new regulations in time for opening.

LOEP donors have responded to the new challenge since the  re-opening was announced.  More than 60 new LOEP Handwashing Stations are being distributed to schools and clinics in rural Liberia.  The Handwashing Stations will help schools meet the new health requirements in time for the February 16 opening date.  LOEP has also provided "no contact" thermometers for health screening of teachers and students to monitor for symptoms of illness.   This is a new disease prevention measure that has been put in place because of the Ebola crisis.
Rosa Allen, LOEP's Volunteer Field Officer, works with LOEP's teacher volunteers preparing the Handwashing Stations for distribution to schools in time for School Re-Opening!