Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last Day of Training

Monday was the last day of training. We are a few days behind on posting pictures due to time constraints, I apologize. The training seems to have been a great success, the teachers are all pumped and ready to go back into the classrooms and start implementing some of the things they learned. I only wish I could be here in a month to observe them all and see the changes!
One of the last activities we did was making clocks for a math lesson using paper plates. The teachers really seemed to enjoy it. I feel quite sure there will be many students making clocks in their classes in the coming weeks!
Mr. Sango teaches arts and crafts and PE at Lott Carey. The students all love him, and we can certainly see why. He is a dear man and was very fun to have in training. He was very pleased with his football clock!

Miss Valerie is the home economics teacher at Lott Carey. While Phylis and I were training, Mom and Derek the camera man went to visit Miss Valerie at her house. She and her helpers were busy preparing lunch for all the teachers. Mom will post on this visit and provide more information.

Mom's new friends have been fascinated with her hair. They really wanted to plait her hair, and as you can see here, they finally got her to cave. (They didn't get very far - trying to plait with a plastic knife - but Mom still looks a little concerned.) Notice Wesue standing in the back. He, of course, did not take part in the plaiting but did find it all quite comical.

Coloring is always a favorite activity. I know many of you following this blog will be reminded of the crayon story that started this whole endeavor years ago!

Kindergarten friends Denise and Belle pose here for a picutre. Denise's grandmother and Belle's mother were both participants in the training. Their teacher, Mrs. Goe, was also a trainee.


  1. LOVE the pictures of the children. I know this is a highlight for you all. And, oh yea, come on sweety, let the little girls plait your hair, it's only a plastic knife, how bad could it hurt? Love ya!

  2. The plaiting issue was so funny. Those little girls would not believe me when I told them my hair won't plait! The little plastic knives came from the trash somewhere but my expression is not because of those. I was pleading with them not to take my picture but to take pictures of each other. They wanted to take pictures of me over and over again. They would snap the picture and then all would run to look at the camera screen than fall into gales of laughter at the sight. It was sooo very funny to watch them! What a good time we had!