Thursday, February 5, 2009

We Reached Liberia!

The trip was very long but we are here! Emile and Ephraim picked us up at the airport and somehow in the confusion our luggage was loaded. All of our luggage arrived with us.

It was light when we landed but darkness fell very quickly and within 30 minutes after we walked out of the airport Emile was expertly dodging the hundreds of people walking along the road in the dark! It was so interesting to see so many community names that have become familiar to us over the years of our "watching" Liberia, via the Internet. One funny incident - as we passed through one community, Emmalee and I together called out the now -familiar town name in a sort of chorus sounding like long-lost residents finally returning home. We all cracked up.



  1. Glad you guys made it all in one piece, and your luggage in one piece as well!!

  2. I'm so pleased you were able to get a blog entry up this quick. Great!!! So proud of you. If you see Baby "T" you give that little girl a big squeeze for me,ok?

  3. So glad to hear you arrived! Can't wait to hear more about everything. I'll be thinking about you and wishing you the best. Can't wait to see more posts.

  4. Everyone here is so glad to hear you arrived safely. Gary called us (thanks) but it's great to read Beth's blog!I hope you're settling in well. We are praying for you all. I love you MaMa~Peggy