Monday, August 24, 2009

Gearing Up to Go Again

Ever since the LOEP Teacher Training Team returned from the February, 2009 training, we have been preparing for the 2010 training. After a brief two-week period to settle back into regular routines last March, we got going again. Since then a new training team has been assembled and has designed a new training program for 2010. It has been particularly busy these past couple of months. Gathering donated school supplies, working on equipment and producing training materials to send ahead in the shipment has made for a busy summer. Because of shipping schedules, we have to have most of the training program completely packed up and sent off so it can be there waiting for our arrival in January, 2010.

One of our friends is a devoted mission supporter who has chosen to spend her retirement giving to others through her own type of mission work. Mary Stokes, pictured below, makes amazing items to send to Mexico, Jamaica and Liberia. She has friends all over the world who keep in touch with her and send her pictures of her wonderful donations being used in schools, orphanages, clinics and hospitals in farflung places. In addition to keeping her sewing machine busy making useful items, Mary purchases school supplies to send to orphans in orphans schools in Liberia. This week-end we arranged to be with Mary and picked up the equivalent of two carloads of stuff she has purchased and made to send to Liberian children. Some of her donations will be used for the 2010 teacher training. Mary is a real inspiration and one of many whose compassion allows for generous support so LOEP can continue education support programs.