Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The First Teacher Network Conference

The LOEP team takes off tomorrow for a quick one-week trip to Liberia!  We will be assisting LOEP Trainers of Teachers (the ToTs) with an exciting brand new project.
The first kick-off event of the Building a Community of Learners Teacher Training Network takes place next Wednesday. Sixty teachers from ten mission schools will meet at Lott Carey for the one day conference to take part in the event that will feature training and professional networking opportunities.  Two workshop sessions on education issues, large group sessions with guest speakers from Monrovia, and a luncheon are planned for the first conference of the newly forming network.   The network is open to teachers from the Lower Virginia area of Liberia who partner with LOEP and Liberia NOW (a Texas-based organization that establishes school libraries and trains librarians in Lower Virginia, Liberia).

Liberia NOW and LOEP stand ready to assist our partners in Liberia as they begin working together to build the new network and develop their own opportunities for professional development!

Watch this space for more on the fledgling Network!   Also coming are more pictures and some more very exciting reports on teacher training in Liberia!  Watch for it - we have a VERY busy week ahead!!