Friday, February 6, 2009

What day is this?

Yesterday (not sure what day of the week it was-still a bit confused on that) we had our first introductin to LCMS. Approaching the campus from the road the first thing one notices is the neatened landscape - trimmed grass, no heavy brush and no little stands and activity centers- along the road side. Turning off the road, the one story, white school buildings come into view on the left. Freshly painted with red metal roofing, they are cheerfully institutional and welcoming.

Emile introduced us to the LCMS school administrators and we were wowed! LCMS has an extremely competent, professional, and knowledgeable administrative staff. Two vice-principals and the registrar make up an incredible team of administrators who are motivated, open-minded and an inspiring group of educators.

Power gone - post pics later

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  1. We're so proud of you all!! Thank you for taking the time to post and keep us all informed!