Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CRM Visit

Today was a very exciting day for LOEP Board of Directors and training team. After years of stories, pictures, and videos, we were finally able to visit CRM Orphanage ourselves. It really was a fantastic experience and we are glad to share these pictures with you.
As today was a school day for the orphans and community students, we saw several of our trainees putting their new skills to use in the classroom. We did catch one of our trainees with a pointer - which the LOEP training team thought we had banished as part of the training. (I will say that the teacher who had the said pointer was not in the classroom in front of students, only relaxing with some other teachers during a break between classes.) Phylis promptly confiscated the pointer and put an end to that! (Notice the teacher laughing in the window behind her as she flees.)

Mr. Gbah was one of our star pupils during the training at Lott Carey. We were pleased to see him teaching his 3rd grade class today at CRM. Mr. Gbah is going to be training his colleagues from CRM who were not able to attend the training using the LOEP materials and techniques.

The children at CRM were very friendly and seemed happy to see us. They particularly enjoyed my camera and reviewing the pictures of themselves. The beautiful girl in the uniform is Mr. Gbah's daughter, Blessing. After we took pictures, the children allowed me to accompany them to the play area to play games and sing songs with them.

When we first arrived these little guys looked a little concerned. Or perhaps it's just curiosity. Whatever it is, it wasn't enough for the little man in the middle to take his thumb out of his mouth. Their concern turned to smiles very quickly and they were very quick to laugh and shout as I led them in a game of Simon Says.

Once they had warmed up, the littlest children were eager to mob around me, touching my skin and hair. With the help of mother hen Hawa (front right), we were able to arrange a group photo. Hawa is 19 years old. She was raised at CRM from when she was a little girl and is the first high school graduate from CRM. She is a lovely young woman, and obviously loves her big CRM family. She is planning on entering the University of Liberia and will study nursing. CRM is currently seeking sponosors for her tuition - they are determined to pay her way.

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