Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Hot!

The cold and snow here is apparently prompting a bit of mild envy about our sojourn in equatorial Africa. Friends, family and co-workers have pointed out we will miss the worst of winter weather that February has to offer. While that's true, Liberia is not exactly Island vacation weather either. According to some, Liberia weather can be difficult in spite of the abundant sunshine. Lonely Planet has this to say about the weather there;
Perched on the chin of West Africa's coast just above the equator, Liberia has a tropical climate with a pronounced rainy season from May to November. There is little seasonal variation with temperatures usually averaging around 30°C (86°F) between November and May, and only a few degrees lower in the middle of the year. However, humidity levels of more than 85% in the dry season (November to April) and more than 90% in the rainy season (May to October) often make it feel much warmer.
It's the "make it feel much warmer" bit that is the issue. If the temp. is 85 and the humidity is 85% - a terrarium? We will miss the rainy season though. We have been told that season is when the roads turn to rivers and mold grows on clothing while you are wearing it.

Now, does that make everyone appreciate February just a little?

Only four more days!


  1. I was whining about winter the other day... I won't be doing that again. Exciting times!

  2. We will be anxiously awaiting news of your arrival!