Thursday, February 12, 2009

AAMOM Pictures

Three members of Team LOEP enjoying the visit to AAMOM. It was such a special day.

The boys dormitory was as neat as a pin. All the beds were made, clothes were hung up, and their little shoes were all lined up by the wall.

The pigery is a great source of pride for the folks of at AAMOM. There are currently 55 pigs, and the goal is to have 125 by December. They are well on their way to meeting this goal, with 8 pregnant pigs!

Jerome Pederson is the administrator of the orphanage and also teaches 7th grade in the AAMOM school. Alfred and Agnes were his great grand-parents. Jerome is a very eager participant in the teacher training at Lott Carey this week.

Little T and David both live at AAMOM. David particularly enjoyed the choirs selection and was dancing in the back of the chapel. Little T is 1+, and David is 2 years old.

The beach is beautiful. It's interesting to be on the other side of the Atlantic!

The man was working in the cassava field at AAMOM. Cassava is a root vegetable. Liberians eat the cassava leaf (kind of like collard greens) and the vegetable can also be prepared in several different ways. More on Liberian food in a future post...

The bunk beds at AAMOM were sponsored by Auntie Char's card sales. Thank you Auntie Char!!!

The choir sang beautifully for the welcome service upon our arrival at AAMOM. The choir director is a senior at Lott Carey Mission School this year. He is obviously very talented and had prepared the choir well!

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