Friday, February 25, 2011

Striving for Excellence

Mr. Achempong and Mr. Zinna are two LCMS high school teachers whose students must take the WAEC exams to graduate.   They will be participating in WAEC training on modern testing methods.  Every year Mr. A and Mr. Z are among the shining stars of LOEP's professional development workshops so we know they will do very well in the WAEC training!
The West African Exam Council (WAEC) sets an educational standard for accreditation and conducts annual standardized tests for high schools in the five-nation region.  Every high school student in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Liberia must pass the WAEC exam in their final year of school in order to graduate.
Teachers and administrators at Lott Carey Mission School have worked hard to meet and maintain WAEC standards for their school and for their students since the war took such a terrible toll on Liberian education.  Their efforts are paying off and WAEC test results for Lott Carey students have been improving since difficult times in Liberia have eased.
Just this week, LOEP received word that Lott Carey's commitment to constant improvement is not going unnoticed.  One of only ten selected schools, LCMS teachers have been invited to attend a week-long workshop on Modern Trends in Education Assessment that is being held for WAEC staff.   According to Ms. Rosa Allen, LCMS principal, the invitation was based on "credibility of schools when administering WAEC, and our collaboration with WAEC over the years".  She mentions that LOEP training with it's exposure to modern methods and techniques for classroom instruction and assessment has given them an edge in the WAEC workshop.
Mrs. Allen modestly states, "we are proud to have been selected."  Those of us who have worked with LCMS teachers know that the recognition is well-deserved for a corps of professional teachers whose conscientous commitment to educating their students is making a difference in their nation's future!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Education and Agriculture

This lush scene is the seedling nursery at Alfred and Agnes Memorial Orphan Mission (AAMOM).  The seedling nursery is a direct result of AAMOM's partnership with farmers in Virginia who have been sending seeds, tools and providing agricultural support and advice to partners in Liberia since before the war ended.  Please click on the link below to read more about this effort to assist agricluture work and farming in Liberia.
Sustainable agriculture is as critical as education to maintaining peace and stability in Liberia.  As LOEP focuses on education, our friends and other family members focus on agricultural success for our partners in Liberia.  Our mutually supportive relationship grew from the commitment our own church made years ago to assist our Liberian partners in achieving peace and stability for their nation.  

AAMOM has had great success in creating a sustainable agricultural project that not only feeds the orphans but is also successful enough to produce products for the local markets. LOEP Team member Rachel Price is an environmental scientist.  She was mightily impressed on her first visit to AAMOM with the operation's success in developing something of a thriving permaculture type community.