Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Training - Day 1

This is a break during training. I was too busy in the front to take pictures during the actual action! You can see Phylis in the front of the room talking with some of the teachers about materials from the mobile classroom. All of the participants were eager to look at the materials and talk about how to use them in their classrooms.
More training participants. Mr Lynch is the man in the striped shirt. He teaches at Lott Carey and is quite a character!

These little girls were on their way to school yesterday when we met them on the campus. The big sister was quite eager to wave and have her picture taken, although I think we may have scared the little one a bit. She was very pleased with the pencil I gave her however!

Emile has three adorable puppies. The "guard dogs" love to pose for pictures. I have deemed this one "Trouble". Will post pics of Trouble's brothers later.

We are a long way from Freedom Parkway, but here is the Carter Center. The Carter Center is in the Mamba Point area of Monrovia.

Here we are outside of church on Sunday in our African finery with the very talented Bee. Look how beautiful her suit is! Phylis is getting her's altered and will model in future pictures.

Several little children have been fascinated with Phylis' shoes. It may be the elastic laces? We ran into this little boy with his big sister on the street in Monrovia. And yes - That is Phylis wearing a dress!

We are loving every minute of the trip! Today we will visit AAMOM, one of the orphanages that we began working with at the very beginning of LOEP. We met the teachers at training yesterday and are going to their facility today to tour and meet the children. I can't wait!!! I will definitely be taking pictures and post as soon as I can.


  1. I love seeing all of the pictures... you all look so beautiful in your dresses! The children are adorable

  2. Emmalee you are too cute in that picture! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back, and I am glad y'all have set up this blog so I can keep up!

  3. Maddy wants to know if Grandma is getting hers altered to be pants!!!!!