Saturday, September 7, 2013

International Literacy Day

Sunday, September 8, 2013 is International Literacy Day!  The observance focuses on worldwide literacy needs and LOEP has a special Literacy celebration planned.

Thanks to individual donors, partner churches and organizations, LOEP is privileged to celebrate Literacy Day on Monday, September 9 by delivering 115 boxes of books for shipment to Liberia! The books are bound for our partner schools, Lott Carey Mission School (LCMS) and Hope for the Deaf School.  

The LOEP book shipment will provide Lott Carey Mission School (LCMS) with an elementary Reading Instruction program complete with student textbooks, supplementary instructional materials and teacher's editions. LOEP plans to follow up with a Reading Instruction workshop for LCMS teachers to assist them in making best use of the Reading program for their students.  

Thanks to a partnership with Middletown Methodist Church in Maryland, LOEP is also sending books to set up a Reading Room at Hope for the Deaf School.  LOEP friends are familiar with our partners at Hope for the Deaf and have supported the school's vocational program.  Last year LOEP partnered with Hope to help develop  the school-to-home program.  Hope administrator, David Worlobah, reports the program to build the relationship between student families and the school has been successful with excellent response from the families of students.   

Now Hope needs a Reading Room. The school has no library and very few books.  The new Reading Room will expose students to books, instructional games and activities and will also provide resource materials on deaf education for teachers and parents of Hope students.  

Lott Carey first grade teacher, Mrs. Goh, is selecting books from the LCMS library for her classroom library and Reading instruction.  Complete Reading Instruction programs are unavailable in Liberia and teachers select random books from limited school libraries for classroom instruction in reading.  Mrs. Goh is a LOEP teacher. 

Hope for the Deaf students with visiting LCMS/LOEP teacher, Mrs. Harvey, play spelling games with alphabet bean bags.  Instructional games and activities are generally unavailable and unfamiliar to Liberian teachers and students.  These students jumped right in with great excitement to practice their spelling skills and "play" with the instructional bean bags when LOEP visited last year. The new  Reading Room stocked with books and instructional materials will be an asset for building literacy skills for students at Hope for the Deaf School.

Help LOEP celebrate Literacy Day!  Just $35 sends a Book Box directly to a Liberian classroom. Click below and help a child learn to read!