Saturday, January 15, 2011

Voter Registration

Several years ago, the citizens of Liberia elected Madame Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (Ma Ellen) as president - the first female president in Africa! Much development has occurred in Liberia since that time, and LOEP has seen the progress first-hand in the way of new roads, buildings, etc. Every visit we see more progress in this beautiful country! The presidential term in Liberia is six years, and this November the country will vote again for a president to lead them. The voter registration process is a bit different here - all voters register (or re-register) for each election - every six years. Voter registration opened here on Monday, January 10 and will run through Sunday, February 6. Voters are supposed to register in the precinct where they live. As in the US, the voting age is 18. People are very excited to register, and the lines at the precincts have been quite long in some areas.

One of the buildings on the campus of Lott Carey is used as a registration site. The registrar is working hard to get people ready to vote in November!

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