Friday, January 14, 2011

Harmattan Winds

The Harmattan Wind season prevails in early January in Liberia.  The powerful wind current marks the beginning of the dry season in West Africa with winds blowing south from the Sahara bringing sand and "smoke".  The temperatures are a bit cooler this month because the sand and "smoke" filters the powerful sun rays.  Some of us are feeling the effects with irritated throat and coughing - sort of like hay fever but without hay or ragweed just dust and sand instead.  The slightly cooler temperatures only last for a brief period during January generally. The low humidity and 85 degree temps. are great for us but not so much for Liberians who are used to 95 degrees temperature with 95 degree humidity!   We have seen many in down jackets with hoods and many of the little nursery children are arriving at school bundled in coats and knit hats.  Some are complaining of the "cold" weather.

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