Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Audiometer

Thanks to all for good wishes and prayers for timely delivery of the audiometer!  It is on track to arrive in Monrovia on Friday evening and we are scheduled to pick it up Sat. morning and take it directly to Hope School for Saturday morning hearing screenings.  Keep your fingers crossed!
 The plan for our work at Hope is to test hearing of all 67 students and gather some hearing loss-related data such as individual health history, previous diagnoses related to hearing loss, etc.  On our return to the US we will turn that data over to LOEP Team Members Karen Darner and Melanie Hudson (both are Speech Pathologists).  They will work with Dr. William McFarland who has volunteered to work with LOEP on this project.  Together they will analyze the data and develop a needs assessment.  Based on that, we can begin to develop resources for assisting Hope students with educational tools and hearing aids.  
 More to come on Hope School and our friends there, David and Eric.  They are two remarkable young men who have made a remarkable commitment.  They educate children who, in Liberia, are completely marginalized and have very few opportunities.  Their steadfastness in the face of huge obstacles is nothing short of inspiring!


  1. Hooray! Talk about a wing and a prayer... love the updates about schools and resource center. Photos are making me even more homesick. Love to all, Karen

  2. I keep making comments and none get published. What am I doing wrong? I love that you're there in Liberia and I see so many familiar faces -- great, happy faces! Miss all of you lots! Karen