Monday, January 24, 2011

An Educated Community

Each LOEP Traininig session opened and closed with all of us, trainers and teachers, reciting the following statement of belief in our work as teachers building a community of learners together:

We believe our students are the future of Liberia.
We believe teachers shape that future.
We believe an educated community is a strong, peaceful community.

This year the 2011 LOEP team was fortunate to witness first-hand some incredible evidence of learner communities in Liberia.  We visited:
  • two orphan schools - one building a new classroom building and dormitory and the other improving their facility with new security and playground areas, 
  • Hope School for the Deaf, a community of learners who are no longer isolated now that they can sign and learn together,
  • Virginia Christian Academy, a school currently undergoing construction of a new, two-story building which will include housing for their new library collection,
  • A church-sponsored school facility with six classrooms constructed of bamboo poles and grass mat walls where more than 400 children attend school every day in three sessions and adults attend night-time literacy classes.
These learning communities and hundreds of others like them are all led by dedicated teachers who know the future of Liberia depends on educating their students - adults and children.


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