Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to School

This week is the first back to school since the Christmas break.  Last week LCMS prepared for school opening with an exciting ceremony - the Grand Opening of the LCMS Teacher Resource Room.  A renovated storage room has been transformed to function as a Teacher Resource Room where instructional materials, science equipment and classroom display materials can checked out and used by teachers in their classrooms.  An area for collabortive planning has been designated and cabinets stocked with supplies are accessible.
The LCMS Teachers Resource Room is open to teachers in schools where LOEP teachers work and a check-out system is in place for tracking and accountability.  It is a rare opportunity for teachers in Liberia to have access to instructional materials.  The LOEP team is focusing on helping teachers AND students learn how to make maximum use of new and exciting learning tools.

LCMS Principal of Instruction, Rosa Allen showed LOEP Team members Rachel Price and Beth Iden how resource materials have been categorized and shelved according to subject area for easy teacher access in the new Teacher Resource Room.

Wednesday morning visit to CRM orphanage came just about lunch time.  Cook is preparing to feed 48 children who live at CRM full time.  CRM children are still on Christmas break and their school semester begins next week.  The orphan school is open to children in the surrounding community and has about 150 students in addition to the CRM children.

Nursery students during cooperative play time.  The blocks are a big favorite!

LOEP Team member Emmalee Iden cannot resist the Little Ones (who can??)  Just had to get in a few minutes of play time building a tower.

CRM administrator, Sam Kargbo, with Matron (center) and CRM's number one volunteer greeted the LOEP Team when we visited on Wednesday morning.  Notice a set of "shape" bean bags displayed in the classroom.  Next week's teacher training will include workshops on using bean bags as instructional tools in all grades and for all ages.  Craft Hope Bean Bags are a great addition to the Teacher Resource Room and to orphan schools like CRM where instructional materials are nearly nonexistent. 


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  1. This is awesome!! So neat to see LOEP's efforts in action, thanks so much for posting the pictures :) -Leah