Sunday, January 2, 2011


The 2011 LOEP Training Team is nearly all packed up and ready to go!  It has been a little difficult to focus so soon after the blur of activity that was Christmas and New Year's but departure is Thursday - so ready or not, here we come!
In addition to conducting training workshops, LOEP training team members will use the new battery-powered, compact audiometer donated by EBS Healthcare - a LOEP corporate partner - to conduct hearing screenings at Hope Scool for  the Deaf.  The objective  is to gather basic data on student hearing at Hope School (types of hearing loss, extent, cause, etc.) and bring that data back home for analysis by LOEP volunteers.  Experts in audiology and teaching children with special needs, LOEP volunteers back here in the U.S. will examine the data and make some recommendations to Hope School administrator, David Worlobah, for developing resources for student hearing aids. Our ultimate goal is to determine how we can assist Hope School in meeting educational and hearing needs of Hope's students.
LOEP trainers will be working with teachers at Hope School using bean bags and sign language instructional materials in the classroom.
Stay tuned for posts from Liberia!
Battery-powered audiometer  

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