Monday, January 10, 2011

Old Friends and New

We arrived to many warm greetings of "Welcome" in the Liberian style with beautiful, gleaming smiles, warm handshakes and cheek to cheek "hugs".  Yet another year, we are astounded with the amazing progress Lott Carey teachers and students continue to make to the school campus, buildings and, most of all, to the quality of education.  It is incredibly inspiring to see such commitment to educating children.  We look forward to training week next week.  Today Emmalee and Rachel are working in the classrooms with teachers.  Rachel had the opportunity to teach a fifth grade Science class today and will work in the labs with students through the week. Emmalee will be teaching Language Arts the rest of the week.  Beth (me) will be in the library working with the librarian who is new to Lott Carey and has already made huge strides in sorting and cataloging books.

Our "home away from home" has also changed a bit with electricity available more hours of the day than in past years.  We are sharing our guest quarters with a mission group from Charlottesville, VA area.  Although we have worked jointly on shipments to Liberia and other support to our friends in Liberia, this is the first time our two groups have actually met.  Seems crazy that we live only a couple of hours apart in the US and had to come all the way to Liberia to meet in person.

Pictures and more entries to come.  Internet access is reliable at Lott Carey now (another amazing improvement)!

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