Sunday, February 14, 2010

More challenges

The Internet connection is one of our challenges this year and we wish we could post more pictures for everyone. We are trying to find more "down" times when the dial-up connection is not so slow in loading pics. Will keep trying!

The teacher workshop this year was four days jam-packed with new concepts and techniques that are new to our colleagues here in Liberia. It will take a couple of weeks for them to process all the information and realize how much they can do with the information they were introduced to in the course. The material was about one semester's worth of college level work condensed into a four-day workshop. They will be studying and working together on a professional development plan with the material throughout the next 11 months.

Today we will attend Providence Baptist Church in Monrovia for morning services. Providence is the oldest church in Liberia and the site of the signing of their Constitution. We noticed yesterday that the large United Methodist Church complex on the corner adjacent to Providence has been freshly painted, lots of repairs and looks great! There is an attached United Methodist University which has also been spruced up since last year.

The United Methodists in Liberia have a thriving program for the Deaf and we will be visiting their school next week. LOEP Team member Karen is Methodist and also a Speech Pathologist and former teacher of the Deaf so it will be a very exciting visit for all of us!

As the internet seems to be running smoothly, will try now to load some pics!

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