Friday, February 5, 2010

Liberia Orphan Education Project

Liberia Orphan Education Project: "Contributors"

Hi All: Hope your trip was uneventful and you have arrived in good shape- Please tell Emile and Richmond hello for me and pet the dogs--Love and prayers-Phylis


  1. You sure knew the right time to get out of Dodge. We have about 3 feet of snow on the ground. Hope you had a great trip and have a blessed time! Linda

  2. Hi All: Hope your trip over was uneventful-Please give my best to Emile,Richmond and the dogs- Hope to see some pictures soon-Love and Prayers, Phylis

  3. Thank you for pictures you have been able to send-The children's library looks wonderful. Glad to hear about the new road and other improvements. Rosa looks happy to have you there again-

  4. It is wonderful to see the children using the library! Also glad to see so much reconstruction work beong done in the city-
    Love and prayers, Phylis

  5. Thanks for the birthday call-I missed having my birthday in Liberia this year! Phylis