Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life is grand at Lott Carey

The new sign at Lott Carey is complete, thanks to Mr. Sango!

We were invited to attend the Friday flag raising ceremony at Lott Carey yesterday. The students have chapel first thing every day except Friday, when they meet for flag raising. Capt. Gray's ROTC students lead the charge.

Some of the nursery students on their way to the flagpole.

The third graders had library day on Thursday. The children love the newly arranged library!

The kindergarten class was learning the bible story of the Good Samaritan. Their dramatic rendition (complete with donkey interpretation) was hysterical!

Karen enjoyed it as well.

I was invited to speak to the student body at Thursday chapel service.

We've posted lots of pictures of the adorable nursery class. These are some of the beautiful senior girls. What gorgeous smiles!

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