Monday, February 15, 2010

LOEP Pilot Project - Phase II

Phase II of the LOEP Pilot Project has been a success so far. This past Friday was the last day of workshop training, and we will be in the classrooms with teachers and students this week. The training went quite well, and seemed to be a success. We will know exactly how much of a success it was once the teachers get back in their classrooms and share the techniques and strategies with their students.

The 2010 LOEP Team with Mrs. Allen (Jacob had to leave a few minutes early)

Our friends Amelia and Angel (both 6th graders at Lott Carey) were peeking through the window to see if training was over so we could come outside and play.

The Trainers of Teachers (TOTs) have gone through both LOEP trainings and will be leading professional development workshops for their colleagues at Lott Carey, Alfred and Agnes, and Children's Relief Mission Schools this year. They will work closely with Mrs. Allen to train their fellow teachers.

Jacob leads a group discussion.

The 2010 LOEP team - Emmalee, Karen, Jacob, and Beth

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