Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Liberia...

We are often asked "Why Liberia?" It is not an unreasonable question and, in my case, there are a thousand answers. Most of those answers involve much self reflection which is of interest only to the reflector (me, Beth). Even though I have been advised that "blogging" is much like diary writing and that the "dear diary" style is quite appropriate for this medium, my training is as a news reporter not a diarist. Although I love to read it from others, public self-reflection will not be a highlight of my posts. My goal is to report Liberian stories and provide pictures and links that will serve to help readers gain their own insights into how our personal commitment and the LOEP organization evolved - those insights are the 1,000 answers to "Why Liberia".

Why Liberia? Click on the link and you will see http://url/ women rebuilding their lives and their nation.

Who could resist finding a way to encourage the incredibly strong and determined ladies of Ganta?
When these ladies decided to start a community pre-school/kindergarten for their children, LOEP put together Kindergarten-in-a-Box kits - start-up kits filled with basic school supplies for little ones (little board books for learning first words, crayons, fat pencils, paper with big lines, etc.). The kits were shipped to Liberia where they were transported by U.N. helicopter to Ganta and distributed to the Ladies of Ganta by Rep. Worlea Dunah, the Ganta representative to the Liberian Congress (Rep. Dunah is an active human rights advocate in Liberia and LOEP Friend in Liberia).

Why Liberia? Click the Link!

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