Friday, March 6, 2009

News from Trainer Heaven

According to Mrs. Rosa Allen, Lott Carey Vice-Principal of Instruction, teachers are still excited and enthusiastic about new teaching methods and learner-centered education classroom techniques. Not only are they excited, they have set up classrooms and have instituted new methods within the past week and are excitedly passing information and ideas back and forth. Teacher's aides have taken on new roles and responsibilities and are relishing their direct interaction with students and teaching the younger ones.
Mrs. Allen's message, "Thanks to all of you again for the wonderful experience shared with the teachers here at LCM. There is so much going on in the classrooms that I am happy to give you feedback".
"Thank you and the Training team for the wonderful time spent here with the Liberian teachers. There is a new excitement in the air amongst the teachers, students and parents. The KIDS are proud to display their work in their learning centers. Chairs have been rearranged, learning centers established. The mobile classroom is squeaking with movement of the materials everyday AND planning ahead for lessons is the order of the day."

The excitement among the trainees was clearly demonstrated every single day of training and their interest and enthusiasm has carried over into their classrooms, apparently, according to Mrs. Allen's glowing report.

We knew from the expressions on the faces here that these teachers and aides were ready to get back to their classrooms and have some fun learning time with their students. Doesn't this look like a fun group?
How gratifying when the trainees are so responsive that they being implementing their new knowledge immediately! "Before your departure the class had set up learning centers, " Mrs. Allen writes.

Phylis, you were right - it really is Heaven!

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