Sunday, March 1, 2009

Culture Shock

We left Liberia exactly one week ago. And now here I sit, at my dining room table in Atlanta, watching the snow fall. Yes, that’s right – snow! It never snows in Atlanta, and I’m finding the contrast more than a little ironic. I am supposed to be driving to Columbus right now to deliver some items to be included in a shipment leaving for Liberia on Tuesday, but unfortunately I’ve had to put that off. The roads are slippery, and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to be driving on the interstate today. I will try tomorrow, and hopefully get the things to Columbus just in time to be loaded onto the container!

It was hard to leave Liberia last week. The LOEP team was only there for three weeks, but we did so much in that time! Now that I know how weird it’s been re-adjusting to life in the States after three weeks away, I can’t imagine how others do it after working in such a place for an extended period of time. Weather aside; everything here seems so much more gray and boring than things in Liberia. It was almost depressing when I looked in my closet getting ready for work the first day back. No colorful lappas here. No overstuffed taxis with funny quotes to look at. No babies bobbing along on their mommy’s backs. No crowded market to marvel over. Instead, I am looking at fancy cars in stuck in gridlock on the 8-lane interstate. MARTA buses that are nearly empty. Shopping centers with big box stores to purchase electronics, clothes, groceries, and anything else we think we have to have. And snow. Am I really on the same planet as my friends in Liberia?

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