Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FYI - Liberia/Africa Info.

For years, my trips to Liberia were of the virtual kind - the Internet is amazing! I read the Liberian newspaper daily online, monitor several blogs and, in short, read every single thing online that has the word "Liberia" mentioned. Some who read this blog are also interested in all things Liberia so from time to time I will pass on some links and info. that might be helpful.

The United Nations has an interesting website on their mission in Liberia (known officially as UNMIL or United Nations Mission in Liberia). Great information on Liberia here including a report they did on orphanages several years ago. LOEP has found that report to be very useful.


Shenandoah University held a forum on Africa last week-end, according to this article in the Winchester Star newspaper


Had I known about it I would have attended!

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