Thursday, May 17, 2012

Conference Sponsor Opportunity

Remember last December when the LOEP training team went to Liberia for the First Teacher Training Network Conference?  Read about it here:
As soon as the December conference ended our Liberian colleagues were talking about the next one.  We started planning for the next Winter, 2012 Teacher Training Network Conference right then and plans are coming together.  

One of the 2012 Conference topics will address meeting special needs in the classroom. This is a brand new challenge for Liberian educators because children with special needs have not generally been included in the general school population.  New laws and Liberian Ministry Of Education standards for education are changing, however, and Liberian schools and teachers must adapt.  The Teacher Training Network will provide a forum for teachers from more than 10 schools to study new requirements for meeting special needs and help them learn to adapt and make changes in classroom instruction methods. 

Plans for the Conference include presentations by officials of Liberia's Ministry of Education and  policy makers who influence education policy in Liberia.  Stay tuned for some exciting details.

LOEP is seeking a major corporate/organization Sponsor for the Conference.  Companies or organizations interested in sponsorship can contact LOEP directly through the LOEP website or through the LOEP Facebook page. 

More to come...        

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