Monday, May 21, 2012

Shipments and Workshops

 Littlest LOEP volunteer, Andrew, inspects the mobile classroom before shipping.
 Supplies for establishing learning centers and Guided Reading programs are packed in this year's mobile classroom shipment.
Three mobile classrooms delivered to the shipping agent today!  Chock full of classroom supplies, learning centers, fun stuff thanks to donations from LOEP friends and the packing and painting skills of Browntown Church ladies!  A training workshop in a box was also sent for specialized training scheduled in August for LOEP Trainer of Teachers (ToTs) at Lott Carey Mission School.

LOEP Team members Phylis Benner and Beth Iden will follow up the mobile classroom shipment with a trip to Lott Carey Mission School in August.  Phylis, a child development specialist and an experienced trainer of adults, developed the first LOEP training workshop and has closely monitored the progress of LOEP Trainers of Teachers (ToTs) since she conducted the first LOEP workshop in 2009. Phylis returns in August to spend a week with the ToTs helping them build their skills as trainers and evaluators.  She will also teach them how to facilitate workshops using professional development resources such as those available from online sources.

The LOEP Team will visit partner schools at CRM, AAMOM, New Life and Hope for the Deaf School during the very busy week in August in Liberia.  Stay tuned for all the news!  

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