Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of School in Liberia

This e-mail was just received from Rev. Sam-Peal in response to the previous blog entry - Emmalee's reflection on the First Day of School. Rev. Sam-Peal is the head of Lott Carey Mission School where LOEP conducts teacher training workshops.

Dear Emma,

Greetings to you and hope all is well.
I just read your blog about first day of school. Monday 8/30/10 was the first day of school here at Lott Carey, and the kids were excited, anxious, scared, (the nursery was a noisy place with much crying and tears from first-timers who cried when their parents dropped them off and left), and wet. Yes wet, the rains are heavy and on the first day it really POURED all day. The rain did not deter these excited and determined students, though some came to school drenched because they had no rain gear. Some came without school supplies, some showed up for school even though they had not paid a cent towards registration or tuition, they came in faith hoping that they will be allowed in class and that someway, somehow their fees will be paid for them to stay in school this year. Some had on new shoes, some had on old shoes, some were uniformed and others were not, very few had lunchboxes, yet, very eager and excited to learn. So our first week of school is off to a great start, teachers are excited, classrooms are freshly painted, decorated (Ms. Harvey had balloons to welcome her students), students are excited.

Just thought to share this with you when I read your blog about First Day of school.

Love and blessings,


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