Sunday, September 26, 2010


As the LOEP Training Team shifts into high gear here in the U.S., our friends and colleagues in Liberia are putting some new techniques into practice and preparing for new challenges, according to Rev. Sam-Peal.

Just this week we received a call from Rev. Sam-Peal. He wanted to tell us that the Pre-Kindergarten teacher is looking forward to receiving the bean bags and to receivng more training to work with children with special needs. He told me there is an Albino child who has enrolled in the Pre-K class this year and he has vision problems and some other issues related to learning. Rev. Sam-Peal said, "we are committed to being an 'inclusive' school and for children like him the bean bags will be a good learning and teaching tool. Because of his vision problems he needs more kinesthetic and auditory instruction. We will really be able to use them! We also want to be sure Karen is coming with the team to help us work with some special students".

This seemingly simple conversation is amazing on so many levels:

1. "inclusive" school is a new concept in Africa and, until the past year or two, it was virtually unheard of in Liberia. LOEP training introduced the concept of inclusiveness and 'learning differently" to the teachers at Lott Carey and last year the team introduced the idea of teaching children with special needs. Lott Carey Teachers have obviously not only grasped the concept but fully embraced it!

2. People with any kind of disability have a very difficult life in Africa. Because of ancient superstitions, Albinos suffer even more than others with intense discrimination against them and are even at risk for their lives in many cases. It is truly amazing to know that teachers and students at Lott Carey are not only committed to being an "inclusive" school but they are challenging ancient beliefs and overcoming their own deep-seated prejudices to be "committed" in finding ways to work with children who have special needs.

This is really a breakthrough and an incredible step for the teachers and students at Lott Carey. We are hoping that they will continue to experience God's love in a way that helps them shed the old ways that discriminate against the weakest and most vulnerable of His children. It is a privilege to walk into the light of compassion and kindness with them and see them remain committed to educating all children to be responsible citizens of a peaceful Liberia.

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