Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Send Books!

In 2008, a World Bank-funded study confirmed serious deficiencies in reading among Liberian school children.   Among other shocking and disturbing statistics, the study showed:

·         34% of second grade Liberian school children could not identify or read ONE word.  

·         Second graders in Liberian schools could only read an average 19 correct words per minute

These facts are not surprising when you consider that most Liberian school children go all the way through school without books in the classroom.  Many Liberian children go as far as sixth grade without ever holding a book in their hands.  They learn from reading what the teacher writes on the blackboard.

Today's Liberian school children are the future of a re-building nation.  They need to learn to read! They need to lead responsibly!  They need to be educated!  They need to learn to read!  
You can make that happen.

Help LOEP send reading textbooks books to Liberian classrooms!  Join us on Causes and make a donation to send Reading Textbooks to Liberian classrooms.

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