Friday, April 12, 2013

Help send books to their classroom!

U.S. Classroom where modern teaching methods and books help children learn to read

Liberian classroom where LOEP teacher colleagues use modern teaching methods without books and students struggle to learn to read

How does a teacher without books teach students to read?  How can students become good readers without books?

Thanks to the donation of a complete K-5 reading program from a Virginia school, LOEP has the opportunity to put gently used reading text books in the hands of every elementary age student at Lott Carey Mission School. Teachers Editions and  supplemental reading instruction materials will help teachers guide their students to be readers. 
LOEP must raise $7,000 to ship the complete, intact K-5 Reading Program to Lott Carey Mission School where Liberian students in the classroom above can learn to read.   LOEP is launching a special fundraising campaign to send the books and raising the initial funds through our LOEP website.  Help us put books in Liberian classrooms!

LOEP has been working with Liberian teachers conducting workshops on modern teaching methods based on research and best practices.  Thanks to support from Friends of LOEP, we have supported those modern classroom techniques by regularly sending classroom instructional materials for our Liberian teacher colleagues to use in their classrooms.  It is great news that our program evaluations show effective teaching is taking place in our partner schools!

But teachers and students who have no books can only go so far. Donate today and help Liberian students become good readers!    

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