Monday, June 4, 2012

Thanks to Volunteers!

The LOEP team is gearing up for our jam-packed, one-week visit to Lott Carey School in August when we will be delivering a workshop for the LOEP Trainers of Teachers (LOEP ToTs), a mini-workshop on Guided Reading and making visits to our partner schools in the orphanages and at Hope for the Deaf.

We are grateful for support and consultation on LOEP Guided Reading training materials from educators Nancy Lee and Heather Campbell of Frederick Douglass Elementary School in Winchester, Virginia, USA.  Ms. Lee and Ms. Campbell are well-trained in Guided Reading and have led workshops for educators here in the U.S.   Their help in developing the LOEP training materials was a great asset as we prepare for a very busy trip in less than two months!

Nancy Lee and Heather Campbell 

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