Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Waiting and Praying

Yesterday was a good day for democracy as Liberians went to the polls to vote for only the second time since the long war years. It was a peaceful day and, by all accounts, people waited patiently (as these ladies did) in long lines to cast their vote.

Although current President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's star status in the international community was confirmed with award of a Nobel Peace Prize last week, it is not clear that she is popular enough at home to receive 50% of the popular vote to avoid a run-off. Presidential candidates must receive 50% of the vote to avoid a run-off in November following the October election.

Since the war ended in Liberia, women have emerged as a powerful influence in political life. While many accept the new dynamic as part of Liberia's healthy growth into a successful, democratic nation, there is still resistance to the modern roles.

We are praying and hoping for a successful transition. Whether it is a second administration for President Ellen or, as is always possible in a Democracy, a new administration with new leadership - Liberia has come too far to turn back now!

For more election news and pictures go here: http://unmil.org/

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