Friday, August 6, 2010

World Map for Mobile Classrooms

For all our crafting Friends of LOEP (you know who you are)...
This fabric panel is a great wall map for Liberian classrooms.  Well-marked, lightweight, foldable, easy to ship, and durable this cloth map of the World can easily be converted to a light-weight wall hanging that will not succumb to paper-dissolving humidity of West Africa.

This wonderful classroom visual teaching aid is available at Jo-Ann's Fabrics store for less than $5 per panel and with the current sale going on a 40% off coupon makes it an even better deal!
A crafted World Map wall hanging (or several of same) will fit perfectly in LOEP's Reading and Social Studies Mobile Classroom unit like the ones pictured here...
and here...
These units are made from recycled shipping crates, sanded and painted in kid-friendly colors then filled with classroom instructional materials for Liberian classes.  World Map wall hangings will be a great addition to the Mobile Classrooms!

More on what is needed to fill two Mobile Classrooms and where to get the items in the next posts... stay tuned

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