Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meet the ToTs

Meet the TOTS!

This group is preparing to take over LOEP!
One of the main goals of the LOEP Training Team has always been to work ourselves out of a job. Yes, as much as we love to come to Liberia and hang out with our friends here, we have focused the training and planning on helping our colleagues become the trainers themselves. These eight (8) teachers (pictured here at the end of a long week of training) are the LOEP Trainers of Teachers (ToTs) who will be busy in the coming year working together using LOEP training kits to develop their own workshop sessions. Periodically throughout the year they will prepare and present to their colleagues an in-service program highlighting a concept and/or technique they have learned over the past two years in LOEP workshops. The sessions will help prepare them to train their colleagues and peers who teach orphans and vulnerable children in Liberia.

Mrs. Rosa Allen, Principal at Lott Carey Mission School, is the coordinator of the ToT group. She will be organizing regular meetings for ToTs to get together and share ideas and observations about training. Next year, the LOEP training team will be working closely with the ToTs developing workshop skills and techniques.
LOEP will continue to support the ToTs, sending training materials, providing new education resources and conducting refresher workshops.
"Train one, train many" is how one of our Liberian friends explained the LOEP concept of shared knowledge and shared vision.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am very excited about helping out! I just finished the bags and they will be in the mail later this week. I will also be putting up a tutorial on my blog in the next day or two. I know there are already a few tutorial out there, but I used my Cricut (scrapbook tool/machine) to cut out the numbers, so I thought I'd put up a tutorial for anyone else who had one. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to help!