Monday, March 29, 2010

What We Do

LOEP is fortunate to have a solid group of strong supporters who partner in our efforts to provide hope for the future to orphans in Liberia. Thanks to wonderful support of caring, compassionate and committed folks, LOEP has come a long way from our beginnings. In the last days of the 14-year war in Liberia, our work was mainly focused on shipping donated school supplies (and rice) to orphans at two orphanages as the nation struggled to recover from chaos and devastation. As the political situation in Liberia has stabilized, LOEP has continued the focus on educational support, finding new opportunities to work with and serve orphans and vulnerable children there.

The LOEP scope of work has broadened so much that it has been suggested this space be used highlight some of the newer projects and continuing efforts to support educational opportunity for children in Liberia.

School Supplies

LOEP continues to send two to three shipments a year to two orphan schools and Lott Carey Mission School. The shipments include basic school supplies for hundreds of students who do not have pencils, paper or crayons. LOEP school supplies are donated by friends here in the U.S. who take full advantage of the late summer back to school sales. The supplies are collected, packed and delivered to the shipping agent in Hyattsville, MD by LOEP volunteers. In Liberia, the supplies are distributed to students in two orphan schools - CRM and AAMOM. Supplies are also sent to Lott Carey Mission School and provided to the orphans and vulnerable children who can attend that excellent academic school only because of scholarships and individual sponsors.

LOEP also sends instructional materials and classroom supplies for teachers in orphan schools and at Lott Carey Mission School. Posters, flash cards, special instructional materials such as classroom microscopes, telescopes and teacher supplies are provided for teachers who take part in the annual LOEP teacher training. The shipment last Fall also included audio visual equipment and instructional videos for the school libraries. Although electrical power is provided by generator and fuel is expensive, the schools can ocassionally provide special instructional events using the donated audio visual equipment. Television is very limited in Liberia and non-existent in orphanages, of course. They don't have Discovery Channel but students can now learn about the big wide world and the wonders of nature with group viewings in their schools.

LOEP is much more than sending supply shipments. Check back to read more about how we support teacher education and training and develop innovative new training techniques and tools for the unique needs of teachers in Liberia.

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