Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Postings from "Trainer Heaven" at LCMS

We have more great news from "Trainer Heaven" at Lott Carey Mission School. LCMS teachers are enthusiastically putting their training into practice. LOEP's teacher training included understanding individual learning styles and lesson planning with activities - an essential part of the child-centered learning approach. Rosa Allen, LCMS Principal of Instruction sent an encouraging report the other day. She writes:

I must share this experience with you before the day ends.
Miss Harvey took her Nursery class outside to show them the Flag of Liberia as part of her Social Studies lessons. She explained that the Liberian flag has three colors, red, white and blue. During the "field trip" to see the Liberian Flag hoisted on the school grounds, she asked the class, how many colors do you see in the Liberian flag? Every one said three, red, white and blue; but Mary Tuam, aged three and the half, piped up, "Miss Harvey, the flag has four colors, red, white, blue and yellow" (the Liberian Flag at LCM has yellow fringes around the edges).
The next day Miss. Harvey took me outside and asked me, Mrs. Allen, "how many colors do you see on the Liberian Flag"? I said "three, red white and blue." "What about the yellow fringes," she asked. I couldn't answer. We decided to ask the ROTC teacher, Capt. Dorothy Gray, and Mr. James Sango, Art/Craft teacher for help on the topic. Both of them are retired from the Armed Forces of Liberia and teach at LCM. I also went online to get additional information to share with all.
This experience was very exciting. Here is what Miss Harvey said, "I observed that Mary is a visual learner".. I asked what else she felt she could have done with the lesson. She said that she should have visited the site to carry out a thorough investigation before taking students on the field trip. We are now researching online about the topics she is planning to teach.
Little Mary was still persistent about her experience and early the next morning she cornered her teacher and told her, "Miss Havey, the flag has four colors RED, WHITE, BLUE, AND YELLOW". The flag is located directly opposite the Nursery and can be seen clearly from the classroom door.
By then Miss Harvey had information from the Internet and her colleagues about fringes on flags. Now she has the gruesome task of explaining to three years olds about fringes on flags, and why the yellow fringes are not actually part of the LIBERIAN NATIONAL FLAG. I hope that all the teachers will learn from this experiene. We plan to discuss it in the next faculty meeting and pull out lessons from this experience.
Lott Carey teachers and administrators have taken their training to heart and fully embraced the child-centered learning approach to education.
Miss Harvey is a wonderful teacher and the smart and observant Little Mary is getting off to a great start in her school career!

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  1. What a nice accounting of Miss Harvey and her nursery class. It is clear that she is enjoying putting to use some of the techniques taught in the LOEP training sessions. Isn't it great to see that even the youngest of the children are as engaged (and evidently excited) as the teachers. Next up? A camera for Miss Harvey so she can share some pictures of the precious little ones.